Affiliate Code Review – Secrets To Make Money While Online

When first embarking on a blogging journey, there are some knotty questions that usually beset one’s mind regarding how to blog. Let’s start with the basics.

4 years ago I was asked this question, “What would you do if you never got paid for it?” My answer was writing and teaching. Then I was asked, “Writing and teaching what?” My answer was how to run a company online that had 7 figure potential. Then this company was born. I walked away from a big income in direct sales to learn copywriting, marketing and more. I’ve never looked back and now have the business of my dreams.

Make your website SEO friendly. You need to learn some basic SEO so that you know what the best SEO strategies are. Using a CMS like wordpress is important because it makes SEO easy. The trigona cms CMS software is free to download and there are many tutorials that will show you how to set it up for free.

You’re not creating content about something that happened five years ago or even five months ago. You’re creating content about what’s going on right now. And catchy content varies depending on your niche and your audience.

The All In One SEO Plugin will allow you to put Descriptions, Keywords and Titles which will show up in the Search Engine in each of your posts. It will also allow you to rename your files to what ever you want instead of defaulting the post URL to your title name. And if you add permalinks you can even make the file extensions.html,.htm or.php.

There are so many web hosts out there that one can easily get lost choosing the right host. There are many criteria that you should consider before buying a web hosting package. Choosing the wrong host can cause some serious pain down the road. How do you choose a good host provider?

When you’re creating your FAQ content remember to make it valuable and easy to understand, and don’t forget to include your unique voice in the content. If you’re witty when you create blog posts then be witty when you create your FAQ page. Consistency helps strengthen your brand.

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