Autopilot Profits Review

That paycheck you just noticed from 1 of my accounts for one two-week period of time. One account (I have numerous accounts accumulating money proper this minute).

The Auto Click Profits is a very powerful tool. If you’re someone who plans to use this product for any bad intention, then this product is not for you. The software was created for those who want to gain traffic to earn, but not have to pay for expensive and other time-consuming “internet gurus” that claim to help you earn online. This product is perfect for those who don’t have that much experience, but would like to get some good results.

Instant Directory Profits is a powerful software tool that helps you submit your site or blog to over 1,500 directories (the latest version now has 1,509 directories listed). The listed directories have PR from 1 to as high as 8. Can you imagine the ranking boost it will give to your site or blog if you have more than 1,500 directories linked to you?

This reminds me of a couple Clickbank products in which the guy in the sales video pressed a “magic button”… Waited, then refreshed his Clickbank account stats and had tons of sales. If the video turns out to be anything similar, I can guarantee the money has nothing to do with the product they’re trying to sell.

The main selling point of the program is a so called “secret technique”. I for one tend to dislike secrets (a habit which goes back to my foiling my own surprise birthday party at age 13), and I shall tell you in summation what the “secret” is. Two Minute Profit’s secret is it’s clever and innovative techniques of writing ad copy. I’ve read many e-books on the subject and for less than the Parallel Profits Review techniques covered are pretty reasonable.

Well… they basically tell you it’s a single push button magic. They even show you how you put your selected keyword in the software, set a few settings and hit the button. Then you supposedly just wait for the cash flow! If you bought into this then you should really take a step back as you have no idea on how internet marketing actually works. What is showed in the video is just a fraction of the process.

Well with automation comes the lack of customization. You will have a web presence, but it will look just like all the other affiliate’s web pages. Also at this time because the company is early in the pre launch, they do not have systems in place to track the traffic sent to you when using their marketing co-op packages.

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