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Our collective civics ignorance is showing: some of us can’t even name our vice-president. Fewer still know that the Constitution was signed 222 years ago on September 17, 1787, or much else about the document and its history, either. How about you?

How do you handle interruptions? One of the problems with needing people around you when you write is that sometimes those people will try to talk to you. Of course, they’ll do it at the worst possible time. Do you concentrate so hard you don’t hear? Do you answer without breaking stride? Do you get all caught up in the interruption? How do your interruptions handle you ignoring them? If you don’t handle interruptions well, or your interruptions get upset at being ignored, you will need a separate office.

Angee: Throughout the year, subscribers will be sent new work being produced at the press ranging from prints we have published to gig posters to work created through our Artist Residency program. We are also currently working towards is raising money to purchase letterpress equipment. We are going to do a little more math and figure out just how many subscribers we will need to be able to get letterpress printing off the ground. All the proceeds from the subscriptions will be used for this end.

Third, when all your files are in PDF, they can easily be combined. Remember, your directory is a combination of multiples documents and when they’ve been saved in the same format, they can easily be combined together. Your bunting can do this for you or you can use some of the free tools available on the internet. Run a search “combining PDF files” to find them.

Distribute the coupon books to the fundraising group to sell for a predetermined period of time. When the period is up, the group returns the unsold books and pays for the books it sold. Generally the car wash allows the group to keep anywhere from 40 to 60 percent of the sales. This greatly reduces the profit you would normally make on the wash, but it also keeps those groups from competing against you. Plus, it creates goodwill in the community for your wash which drives even more people to your business.

Good copywriting opens letters, emails, brochures, and it opens the door for you to tell prospects more about your business – it cuts through the clutter and helps you close sales. So with that in mind, is it really that easy to write copy compelling enough to prompt someone to give you a call, stop by your store or visit your website?

Compare your products to top selling companies. Starting out with your business you are generally not going to be a millionaire by tomorrow nor will you sell a thousand things. Accept that and move on. Do not be discouraged as every top selling company had to start out just like you are. When it comes to comparing your products to top selling companies, this is more of a focal point for expanding your services. If you have a print shop, think about Kinkos, for instance. Kinkos is a print shop that offers printing, scanning, and faxing. When you go to their location, you will also find ink, writing utensils, envelopes, and other mailing products. Find a product or service that you offer and see what everyone else is offering along with it. Ideas are free for everyone.

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