Can The Debtor Set Aside The Judgment?

A statement of claim is a legal form that is filed with the courts to commence a formal legal action against your debtor who is refusing to pay you. It is only done after you have sent at least one letter of demand to the debtor and received no action or result.

When a MC-12, or an equivalent form, motion, or affidavit is used, it means to document and record certain judgment enforcement costs with the court, which adds the itemized costs to a debtor’s debt.

Very few courts require copies of receipts for what is claimed. However, I’ve seen a few courts that required the receipts for abstracts and writs issued recently by the same court, which seems silly.

In the United States women file two-thirds of the time for divorce. Many men are shocked when presented with divorce papers. As the shows up they often think it is some other civil suit or ignored parking tickets. Some are in such shock that they end up with drunken driving charges from the stressful event. The anger is doused by alcohol from the complete betrayal by their significant other.

You can pre-fill in everything, except where the person that serves the judgment debtor prints and signs, which makes it easy for them. The POS (documenting that the MC-12 was delivered to the judgment debtor) may be served personally, or (much more likely) served by first class mail.

When the MC-12 is filled out as much as you can (everything except the printing and signature of the person that is going to serve it), make two copies of it, because 1 copy needs to be served on the debtor.

So, once you’re able to do this, how do you proceed? Well, you take the focus off of worrying about the tiny details and you instead take a look at how things are going in general and how you can change your husband’s perception that he’s not getting as much as he’s giving. And yes, you may also feel this way. But working on these issues will benefit you as well. People who feel appreciated and valued are much more willing and able to reciprocate.

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