Cloud Computing Question And Answer Session

When you have chosen Sage 200 for your business solutions your next step will be to choose between online / cloud solutions or onsite options. Let’s take a look at how both these options can influence your choices and your business.

Dragon Dictation, Nuance Communications; Free. You know those movies where the hip young screenwriter picks up a voice recorder and says “Idea for a screenplay…”? Aside from being hackneyed and self-referential, that scene never depicts the tedious transcription process. “That’s what secretaries are for,” you say? Save that money, and let the app do the work–or more precisely, the cloud behind the app. You talk, it sends to the cloud servers, and back comes the voice-recognition transcription. Great accuracy, because the code is not squeezed down to app size. Just don’t use it to send national secrets to the other guys in NSA. If you’re worried about interception, use iTalk Reporter, and transcribe the old-fashioned way.

I am more than happy with the results. My obsession to always backup data has gone away. The monthly subscription also includes constantly updated firewalls and anti-virus protection to totally secure my data so I no longer have to personally handle this matter; it’s all done by the GSSG Computing Cheap Software company. Nor do for outside I have to call help since issues like software incompatibility and having to remove a program for other programs to work, etc. no longer exists. The computing cheap software company handles these issues and you can call them when necessary. I have actually saved money in these areas.

If we compare just straight quarterly growth, last year from Q2 to Q3 they increased sales by 27%. Let’s assume they only add 20% this year. That means revenue of $34 billion in the next quarter, and using the same formula, last year from Q3 to Q4 they added 33% in revenue. Let’s be conservative and say 25%. That puts Q4 revenue at $42.5 billion.

Sounds great, so what could go wrong, you ask. Plenty! Unless you have been living under a rock you know that the internet is a place of daily pitfalls. Do you really want to have your data out there in cyber space trying to avoid all the lurking dangers?

Office Management: InfoStreet is simply the easiest and smartest suite of office tools I have ever seen. ‘StreetSmart is web based software that helps you run your small business more efficiently. It allows you and your team to manage projects, email, potential clients, employees, calendars, and other essential business activities using only a Web browser and an Internet connection’ and it does this for as little as $10 a month per user.

Your favorite search engine will be a great place to start your search. Before you make any decisions it would be in your best interest to start searching for new help desk software. It would help considerably if your software provided free updates and around the clock support whenever you need it. It’s time to start searching and it’s time to start implementing solutions that solve existing problems.

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