Dry Eyes While Sleeping

Little does better to your looks than getting enough rest. I always remember my mother and my aunts saying they need their beauty rest, but I never grasped what sleep had to do with looking good. Now that I’m older, I realize that beauty rest really does wonder to your looks. Enough sleep and rest is vital to keep your mind and body in good shape. The healthier you are inside, the more radiant you can be on the outside. It’s as simple as that!

Go through your wallet and remove all items that you will not need on vacation: library card, department store charge cards, extra charge cards, and all the little scraps of paper that seem to accumulate over time. Inventory the contents of your wallet so you have a record of exactly what you are carrying.

Balanced and nutritious diet should be taken to heal the acne scars. As the body needs protein to rebuild the skin cells and heals the acne scars naturally. Eating a good diet contains the essential nutrients which fight against the infection and any type of disease. Some foods which one should take in the diet include fish, soy beverages, chicken, tofu etc which are rich in protein.

Throw your little lady a proper tea party for her birthday. Invitations can be made on the computer or purchased at a dollar store. Note that all guests should wear their best dresses and pearls to this event. Throw a lace tablecloth over the table to add a formal air. If you do not own one, lace tablecloths can be found at thrift stores and rummage sales, for a few dollars. Place a small flower arrangement on the table for decoration. Inflate pastel balloons for added color in the room.

There is also one other thing that I do to make life a little better for me. This might look a little goofy, and yes, my husband laughs at me, but I wear a laneige lip sleeping mask. The lip sleeping mask forces my eyes to be shut all throughout the night. One benefit, it’s dark all night! I will admit that the mask is a bit uncomfortable to wear but the comfort of not having dry eyes is much greater. You can pick up one of these masks pretty cheap at your local convenient store. The cost vs. the comfort of yours eyes is nothing, so invest.

You might be disheartened if you already have wrinkles. A lot of people who want to get rid of face wrinkles wish they had taken better care of their skin before but it is obviously impossible to turn back the clock and you need to concentrate on getting rid of the unwanted lines and creases you have now.

Sometimes it’s not until we sleep well again that we appreciate the benefits of a good night’s rest. The benefits will not only be noticed by you but others will see the difference too. After all don’t we all deserve our “Beauty Sleep”?

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