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Ramadan is a very important time of year for Muslims across the globe. Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam and is when Muslims fast from sunup to sundown for exactly 30 days. This is a time where Muslims are able to get closer to Allah and they are able to learn more about the religion of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Ramadan is a time where all Muslims are joyous and they are able to celebrate and establish their religion. Ramadan is very important for the Muslim children as it is for adults. That is why it is important as well as fun to participate in special Ramadan activities. Here is an exciting list of Ramadan activities for children to participate in during the holy month.

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During the time that Khadijah managed the wealth and business, it is said that her caravan equaled as much as all the other Quraysh caravans put together. She defied social constrictions right from the beginning. A single woman who became a successful businesswoman, then later choosing her own mate in a society where female infanticide was rampant and women were seen as an extension of their husbands.

Imagine- most people lived in houses with their own gardens, all year round! American kids could ride their bikes on bike paths without worrying about incoming traffic and grouchy neighbors! Libraries would let kids borrow books for free, and you could spend a day there all by yourself! Some children even had their own rooms – no, really!

The Shawal moon announces the arrival of Eid-ul-Fitar. It is the end of Ramazan, the when is eid ul fitr of fasting. The next morning, the Muslims assemble in a great thanks-giving congregation. They thank the merciful Allah for giving them the opportunity and strength to observe the sacred fasts. They ask Him to forgive them for their weaknesses and sins. They reaffirm their vow of faithfulness to Allah.

MAS Youth is continuing their annual In the Shade of ramadan Video series. Everyday, during the blessed month of Ramadan, a short video will be posted on youtube for our learning pleasure.

Use the construction paper for the night sky background. Use the stencil to trace a shape of a crescent moon. If the children are able, they can draw their own moon shape onto their paper with a white crayon. If the children can draw stars let them add them to their paper, or you can get star stickers and let them place the stickers where they choose. Holes can then be punched into the top of the page and their lovely design can hang for others to see.

Prepare meals Saturday and Sunday morning for the weeknights. The morning is usually when you’re the least hungry. Make as much as you can, and be sure to make large quantities so that it will last you a while.

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