English Grammar 101: Collective Nouns

These are things that we CAN physically, see, hear, smell, taste, and feel. They are things that physically affect one or more of our five senses. They are quite easy to identify as they are usually preceded by one of the following articles: a, an, or the. If one of these articles can be put before the word, and when spoken it sounds OK, then it is almost certain that a concrete noun has been found. However, there are always exceptions to the rule!

Don’t set your expectations too high when you start. Learning is a process of taking small steps, so you do have to start off small and slow. There will be times when you find it difficult, but you shouldn’t give up. This may be the time when you need to take a break and come back to the problem areas when you mind is clearer. Then you can go back to the practice sheets of the online course or even play a word game. You can also repeat the instructional part of the lesson as many times as you wish until you have a firm grasp of the concept.

It’s an Android version of the famous CIA Word Fact Book, the source of precise information about countries as well as about the whole regions. It contains all essential information such as population, GDP, health and military expenditures along with some curious statistics. It is good for students, for school-kids and for everyone who interested in world stats and conspiracy theory.

If abbreviation ends with same letter as the complete word itself then dot (.) is not placed. For example, we write Dr instead of Dr. for Doctor and Prof. for professor and not prof. But, people unknowingly write Dr. for Doctor.

For instance if I go to Amazon.com and find a certain book like for example “English grammar tenses rules for the Utterly Confused”. When I get to the page featuring this book an icon appears up in the web address section. All I have to do is click on that icon and Zotero has now saved the information. Then in the bottom right corner of Firefox there is a button that says Zotero. If I then click on Zotero then Zotero will open up and it will show a list of books I have saved. Among the list will be “Tenses in english grammar with examples easy way for the Utterly Confused”. If I click on that book then out to the right it has automatically saved all the information: the title, the author, the publisher, date, and number of pages.

But then, just write and do the editing later. Expressing yourself is writing freely, first. Learn new words, make phrases, then sentences, then paragraphs. Soon you’ll be surprised, you’ve written something meaningful!

Ask some help from the friend who you realize is great at English. Do not just let him appropriate your writing but ask him to describe as well. Make an effort to comprehend everything he claims, never hesitate to ask questions. Remember it’s safer to ask than to become everything is known by you since you would be the only one who gains this.

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