Exam Resources And Good Study Tips

Definitely there is a fear of failure also exists when you are taking such a big test of your life on which your future depends. There are feelings of tension, panic, stress, and nervousness which lead a test taker towards failure in the exam.

Friends – Talk to one or two friends a day, for support and encouragement, to renew your self-confidence and morale, even while you are preparing for your IIT entrance exam.

Make sure to figure out what material you are having the hardest time with way in advance so your instructor or online tutor can cover it with you in depth.

Before you get started with your preparation, you must make a proper schedule, or a time table, and plan out your studies methodically. Set short term goals for yourself, and reward yourself as and when you keep achieving these goals. Also keep in mind that you must not set unrealistic goals for yourself. All the other preparation tips for exams take a back seat as far as this step is concerned. Decide beforehand how many hours you’ll study on a particular day, and stick to this plan no matter what happens.

I still remember watching a video clipping of a famous singer that I saw on TV years ago. The camera had been following him around, while he went for rehearsals, got made-up and spoke to his manager.

Study beforehand: – The more you know about your topics/subjects, more confidence and less nervous you would be. There is no alternative to hard work. However, studying does not mean mugging up the whole text entire night. Know the concept clearly and try to mold the answer in your words. Prepare for exams beforehand, since NCMHCE is not a day’s job.

A: Manage your time well as that is the most crucial factor for FMS exam. Don’t linger for long over one question. All questions carry equal weightage, so there is no point wasting time on one question, when you can solve two easier ones in the same time. Remember, you have less than a minute per question. Allot your time wisely.

Yes, there will be some questions on in your Praxis II test preparation course or exam practice that will make you scratch your head in confusion. Don’t spend too much time on these difficult questions. Immediately move on to the next question, and only return to the more difficult ones towards the end of the exam.

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