How To Buy A Used Audi

GM was toast six months ago and everyone knew it. Just no one wanted to be accused of busting those dinosourial unions and blamed for the thousands who will become unemployed. Team Obama and Geitner knew it but they couldn’t afford for the Republicans to hang that one around their neck. So they gave bail out money knowing the government would own GM (seventy percent at last count) and that they would go belly up in a few months. The simple test here is not the country singers and cable channel pundits claiming a government conspiracy ala against the populist man–it’s simply that no one is buying any cars.

As a car dealer, test every car, have it serviced, provide a warranty and offer it for sale at a fair price. If you wouldn’t allow a family member to drive a car do not sell it retail. When you rent to own cars no deposit from dealers, select the very best available and often pay a premium price. Good is not cheap and cheap is not good! When dealing with a potential customer, urge them to investigate the online reputation of who they are dealing with, call the dept. of motor vehicles and see any eBay feedback on the dealer. Advise customers that cheapest is not the best.

The last deal I made buying a new Mercedes, I saved 2000.00 and I only like 3 hours effective time. The Last 4 cars I bought, I did it this way. Now I’m having only the dealership winning most of the bids. Why? Because they realized I mean what I say and that I really want the lowest price.

The aforementioned Taurus was supposedly in great condition and being offered at a very reasonable price. Good cars go fast, though, and this one was gone by the time we got there.

That $3 may not seem like much, but in the long run it could be one more thing that’s putting a strain on your finances. It’s the same thing with your monthly cable bill. If you’re paying around $110 a month, it ends up being $1320 a year. That’s enough money to take a trip or pay off a credit card.

Not to stray too far from my subject, but I do have to mention that some of those formerly smart marketers are blowing it now. They’ve switched from sending something interesting every few days with a little advertising thrown in – to sending heavy advertising with little or no information almost every day. I’ve started deleting them – and I’ll bet you have too.

Abandoned medical books, a baby buggy, tape cassettes, Christmas lights, tools of all sorts, a Black & Decker toaster oven – all lost things, all for sale.

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