How To Profit From Your Prospect List

B & B owners who have been in the industry for a long time will tell you that running a bed and breakfast is not easy. The business will entail long hours of work, physically hard work and mentally draining work. There are bathrooms to clean and tons of paperwork. If like to sleep in in the morning then you might not be able to hack the pressures of a B & B business. Customers walk in and out at all hours of the day and night. There are also kitchen and cleaning chores to be done.

Generate Traffic to your lead capture page. Their many ways/tactics that can generate traffic to your lead capture page. Their are paid ones and free ones. The most effective free method is the social media sites like twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn etc..The most effective paid one is pay-per-click marketing. But I suggest you start with the free method.

Lead capture pages will be simple one page websites that will have a one-time offer product. You give away a free product in exchange for a name and email. Use good headlines and body text, that get people to take action. Every good MLM system will use some sort of lead capture page to generate leads.

The best way to get alot of leads into your email list is by setting up a squeeze page, and driving all of your visitors there. A squeeze page is a small web page designed to get people to sign up to your list. There is very little text on the page, and there’s an “opt-in box” at the bottom of the page. Your goal should be to get as many subscribers as possible into your list.

MLM Launch Formula (by Mark Hoverson & Jonathan Budd) – Although this program temporarily unavailable, it will change your business completely. This is the exact system that Jonathan Budd used to sponsor 90+ reps into his business in 3 days! The MLM Launch formula takes long term strategies and strategically condenses them into a powerful one or two week time frame. This is designed to generate massive interest and quality responses to your business, products or services. Every top internet marketer uses this strategy…. more to come.

This article wouldn’t be complete without discussing the power of video marketing. This is a very powerful strategy. Google any keyword out there and you can see for yourself that video marketing is here to stay. There is almost always a video in one of the top spots of the search engines. So, that’s all well and good, but how do you use these free strategies to bring in the massive leads to your clickfunnels pricing? What can you do right now to start generating leads today?

So by simply finding and following leaders in your niche, you’ll begin to grow your followers viraly, which is really cool. And remember it sets the whole cycle in motion.

This is the right time to blast high ticket product offers to your list and make ridiculous income out of your efforts. Your high ticket products attached to your sales funnel will make you automatic income for a long time to come.

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