Mental Abuse And Domestic Violence: 3 Kinds Of Crazy Making Behavior

The Concord police blotter report is generated to provide the Concord community and surrounding areas with information regarding arrests and crime related activities as they happen in order to keep the citizens of Concord informed.

Peter Christ Katopol faces sentencing for two counts of violence against women training – third offense notice. Saline attorney Karen J. Davis Roberts is counsel of record for the defendant.

March 4 – Concord, N.C. – Sarah Bethany Gallaher and Terrance Albert Tipton were arrested at 7725 Sossamon Lane and charged with Possession of Schedule VI.

Scenes from the local news depicted friends of the slain crying out in anguish; children, young adults and adults convulsing in pain. It was evident that this family was loved by their neighbors, friends and family. Now we have to find out why it happened, and promise ourselves to try to put an end to this type of violent sabotage.

When you try to slow him down he doesn’t even hear you. He never has taken “no” for an answer; and you didn’t have the heart to give it to him. That was a mistake on your part. When abusers are scouting out a partner they look for someone who can’t say “no”. Maybe they start by offering you a drink. You really don’t want on one, he insists relentlessly until you cave and accept it. He’s testing you. You should be testing him. When offered something from someone you just met, politely refuse. If he perseveres (won’t take “no” for an answer) lose him immediately! He’ll scout elsewhere. If he’s O.K. with you declining his offer, he passes that test. Later you can change your mind about the drink, though you may have it get it yourself.

Two of the movies were in different languages and I had to read the subtitles to enjoy the movies. One was in an African language and one was in either Israeli or Hebrew (I am not sure which one or if both of the languages are the same). And the third movie that I borrowed was in English, an extra treat since I speak only English and some little Spanish and one word in Chinese.

3) What theoretical perspective do you conceptualize your couples with? There are two very well known theoretical perspectives designed specifically for working with couples. They are Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) and IMAGO therapy. If the therapist does not incorporate a theory then they will have no idea where they are going with the couple and you will be wasting precious resources and time in their care.

Some of my other favorite movies and or books are: Whale Rider, Rocky, Karate Kid, We Bought a Zoo, Schindler’s List, Little Miss Sunshine, and a number of others. It’s time! Yes, it is time to go see one great movie.

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