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Sadly, there is a dark underside to this lovely city and at times she is quite dysfunctional. But no matter how often you leave or try to leave, she beckons you back with her charms, her warmth, the food, the music, the architecture and you just can’t help yourself, you must return.

Smile! Yes, that’s right in the quiet of your private time put a smile on your face. Force it if you have to. It’s called “fake it till you make it”. No, you’re not telling a lie or deceiving anyone. You are changing your physiology in a quick and simple manner. Research has shown that when you hold your head up and smile it has a positive impact on your nervous system.

Turn off lights — by far the easiest way to save electricity and save money. Turning off lights as you leave the room alone saves you a lot on your electric bill. Then, as you turn off lights, you see ways to…

When you went to a Sinatra Concert there would be so much love, joy, happiness, and adulation for the man that you could literally feel it in the air. It made you shiver and sent chills up and down your spine. “Truly.” People would be screaming out, “We love you Frank”, men and women, and he’d reply back, “I love you too”, in a way, only Frank could do. He truly did love and appreciate his fans and had such a wonderful rapport with his audience. Frank would always say such warm and wonderful things as he performed. It was amazing. As they say, “You could feel the Love”.

The man had such a way with lyrics and azsh music spotify youtube, he’d take those songs and make them his own. These songs were, still are, and always will be wonderful such “Wonderful Gifts” to the World, to his hundreds of millions of fans. They are a part of history, left to mankind, to eternity. How wonderful. Lucky we all are.

So, how can you stay clear and strong about what you need and still show compassion for the stresses and anxiety of today’s market place? First, ask yourself the question “How am I giving myself a break”?

In the end, happiness is an attitude. Nobody else can make you happy for anything but a brief moment in time. Here are 10 things to do that will help you.

Diving is great for motor co-ordination of the limbs and body. And because water has bouncy, the weight of the body is supported by the water and you feel much less weight in water. This gives you a lot of agility in the water than on land and we find that divers tend to have great fitness. Breathing is great for divers and they have to learn to breathe correctly with the oxygen tank. All in all, scuba diving is great exercise for the body, great for the mind and soul and great for knowledge.

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