New Modern Baby Names – Fashions Change But Some Baby Names Are Timeless

The number one name for a baby girl is Emma. The name Emma is a German-based name which means All-containing, whole, strong, and universal. This name is popularly used in German, English, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Catalan, and Armenian speaking countries.

What you want – First of all, you need to figure out which kind of name you’d like. Are you basing the name off an origin, meaning, the most popular list, unique list, etc?

Now, people can choose Indian baby boy names and girl names from this given collection of best baby names. This is the combined collection of Indian girly names and boy names.

My Number Two Baby Girl’s Name for 2009: Chloe. Chloe is of Greek origin. Chloe means: young shoot. It is sometimes used to refer to the fresh budding plant life of spring. This name is considered one from the nature category; and to me, would be best bestowed on a baby girl born in the spring and early summer seasons.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your husband (wife) and study all the free ideas of names, meanings and origins, and chose a name that your daughter (son) will be proud of.

Once mom and dad start with a clean slate for their infant’s name, they should decide what they want the title to accomplish. Should it be unusual and make their child stand out? Does it need to be a culturally or faith based name with deep meanings? Do they want their little one to fit in with their friends and so have a more common name? Answering these questions will guide parents to finding the right kind of names. After that, it’s just a matter of searching books and lists of all the popular, top or unique baby names until they find the right fit.

Naming a boy Amir means you expect good things from him, as Amir means “king”. Naming a child Arman means he will be full of “hope and aspirations”. Azad means “free” and Emad means “confidence”. Ferdows is the promise of “paradise” and Habib comes from the Arabic for “friend”. Calling a child Majid is also calling him “great and honorable”. Sorush is a “messenger angel” and Vafa comes from the Arabic, meaning “loyalty and faithfulness”.

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