Positive Thinking Made Simple

How to manifest money might be a topic that is alien to some people. But for the wealthiest people in the world, how to manifest money is just as easy and as natural as eating and sleeping.

My positivity hypnosis have altered over the years. The ones I used to write that didn’t fully resonate with me, I stopped writing. Even cooler, some of the things I used to write came true to I no longer had to write them. Now, this practice is something ANYONE can do and it costs you absolutely nothing, but, it is very powerful when you write these everyday and start chipping away at the programming that is currently in your subconscious.

Example: I, (your name), am beginning to believe that I deserve some money. After awhile, you are likely to change it to, I, (your name), am beginning to believe that I deserve an abundance of money. And finally to: I, (your name), deserve an abundance of money.

What these scientists have recently learned, during a process called Brain Plasticity, is that brain cells (neurons) are constantly making structural changes in the brain, forming NEW synaptic connections with other neurons, and NEW neuron pathway patterns at the very same time that we are learning, or thinking or forming a NEW memory! (Like for example learning your lines J)What this means is that your brain is CONSTANTLY CHANGING! The fantastic news for all of us is that we can have great drastic positive changes if we can simply create new positive thoughts and grow more neuron pathways and DSP’s!

Visualize this for a moment. When you feel happy and healthy, and you get dressed in your favorite pair of jeans and tee shirt, you look in the mirror and think, “Wow I look great!” You don’t see any of the things you view as detractors from your beauty. Conversely, on a day where you do not feel happy or healthy and you put on the exact same outfit, you look in the mirror and think, “What happened to me? I used to look so much better!” We see bulges or rolls that we didn’t see on the healthy and happy day. What can this mean?

It takes a personal revelation, a personal realization about yourself and deep within yourself which is fundamental and true. That is what it takes to actually change a fixed frame of mind.

If you will like to discover another powerful method in addition to utilising meta questions in order to clear your self-limiting beliefs, check out my resource box below.

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