So Cal’s Delta Spirit Hits The Music Box

Jesse Keith Whitley is the latest addition to the talent set to perform Sept. 15-17 in Savannah, Tenn., as part of Darryl Worley’s 10th Tennessee River Run.

Have been recorded by the likes of Art Farmer, Dexter Gordon, Chet Baker and Ray Charles, with the tunes “Gingerbread Boy” and “Gemini” becoming jazz standards.

One of the other events that happens within the town of Nairn is their International Jazz festival held every August. This event is so popular it happens to attract some well known world class musicians. Also you can visit the film in Nairn as well. Both of these attractions are really quite entertaining if you happen to be in or around Nairn during the late summer months.

There are very specific rules for the contest. Bands can only submit only one song on video, not to exceed five minutes. Band members must live in the Orlando radio station’s listening area, and have ID to verify it. Interested musicians should check out the XL web site for details and full contest rules. The contest ends on June 20, 2011.

The Silver Lake area offers a huge state park with hiking trials as well, places to for off-road vehicles. If you don’t have your own dune buggy, just go down the road to Mac Woods Dune rides, for a nominal fee they will take you on the ride of your life, it’s worth the money, trust me! Silver Lake is north of Muskegon closer to Pentwater, check it out!

Sometimes as Christians we need to lighten up. I’ve been in churches where you weren’t too sure if you were allowed to smile. I can only imagine how those people act in public. Too often we take our faith seriously in the wrong ways. When we present only the somber, quiet side of faith, without expressing the joy, the result is not always so attractive. Christians have gained the reputation of not being too much fun, and nothing should be further from the truth.

Leaving here hungry isn’t an option either; traditional Bavarian fare served at the festival includes Bratwurst sandwiches, Schweinshaxe Dinners (for those of you who are not fluent, it means Pork knuckles), and potato pancakes, all sided with German potato salad and sauerkraut. If you have a little room left over after dinner and drink, satisfy your sweet tooth with either German or apple strudel.