Tips In Designing Your Dental Marketing Plan

As a dental consulting expert, I will admit that I believe in a balanced and healthy diet, but once in a while I am a strong advocate of indulging in something sweet. Who could have thought that chocolate and raspberries could mash so well together. Well they especially do in this remarkable chocolate raspberry cake. It’s moist, has three layers of cake and three layers of raspberry cream filling, topped with chocolate butter cream icing!

Don’t answer. I know the answer and so do you. And that is why you need Dental internet marketing. Now, as we have established the need for dental marketing recipes, let us move forward and see how to find a right one.

2) Offer useful information to your patients both digitally (via email) and in print (via a newsletter). Most of us get email, few of us read it for what it is. I find more and more, that it’s a nuisance to even get it and have made threats to myself to get rid of it! Whereas, printed mail captures my attention much more completely and I also ten to place a higher value on it. I believe most folks respond somewhat the same. HOWEVER, do not completely ignore the value of communication sent via an e-letter or some form of one as long as it’s targeted and concise and not too lengthy. They still work better than nothing in this area.

When there are trade shows or festivals, they participate in some way. Handing out pamphlets or free toothbrushes might seem time-consuming, but it pays off in the long run.

No bride wants their teeth to be any less white than their wedding gown on this special day. It’s not something that is in the forefront of their minds, but it can be with some simple marketing.

For example, if you love riding your bike, then in July (during the Tour De France) you run a 2 week teeth whitening special to support Team USA! This is a huge way to express your personality and grow your dental practice at the same time.

Mistake #3: Letting New Patients Slip Through Your Fingers. In all my work with dentists this is the most costly mistake they make. There are new patients calling them all the time and often as many as 20% of those calls don’t convert into new patients for your practice. Getting these ‘free patients’ into your practice often is the quickest and easiest way to improve the results of your dental marketing.

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