‘True Blood’ Leads The Way For Lgbt Characters On Television

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Entourage the Movie: Con #1: The show is still on the air and still wildly successful. The draw with Sex and the City was that the show left the air but left so many questions to be answered. An Entourage movie while the season is going on or during the hiatus period could be detrimental to ratings. How do you run a story line in a movie while developing a story line during the season? How do you keep viewers if not all of them hit the theatres? You risk the movie just being one long season.

The HBO movies Taking of Pelham John Travolta has always been a face film fans have been happy to encounter, but his role in this film is not your typical Travolta. A convicted Wall Street scammer who has taken his talents to NY subway hijacking, Travolta is the combination of guts and brains that scares police forces half to death. In this case, it’s train dispatcher Denzel Washington who has to deal with a hostage situation. This film is one of the most electrifying in recent years.

In the last years the series focused a lot on who would succeed Sheen’s character. It pitted the moderate republican Arnold Vinnick (played by Alan Alda) against the young, latin democrat Matt Santos (played by Jimmy Smits). Some say this foreshadowed the race between John McCain and Barack Obama. Whether or not this is true, it made for entertaining television.

Lets try an enthusiastic Batman! Someone who unnecessarily screams his lines at inapropriate moments and who either you think is the funniest person alive or just retarded. Fight scenes would be exciting and the jokes would be funnier than in other Batman movies. The biggest problem with this is he would start reciting standup during the film to promote his HBO Go special Vicious Circle. Dane Cook reminds me of Ben Affleck and Mickey Rooney combined.

Boston Legal. David E. Kelley’s first entry on the list was a whimsical look at the top players in a powerful corporate law firm. The partners at Crane, Poole and Schmidt, it seems, were always plotting to topple their founder–the once brilliant, now buffoonish, Denny Crane (played by William Shatner). Luckily, Denny had a couple allies in the form of the brilliant, silver-tongued Alan Shore (played by James Spader) and the distinguished Shirley Schmidt (played by Candace Bergen). In addition to being Denny’s friend, Alan was also a brilliant trial attorney. Here is a clip of him defending his client, and demolishing the ridiculous tenets of scientology.

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White: I think it’s a great card. I think Renan Barao is really one of the most exciting guys out there, and I think Mike McDonald is a great matchup for him. I really like the Swanson – Poirier fight. I think it will be a really fun show.

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