Video Marketing Will Help Your Promotions To Go Viral

I recently purchased an Archos 5 60GB IMT. This product is great, but has a major flaw to it. This major flaw to it is that the Internet capabilities are limited due to it’s weak processor, an ARM Cortex-A8. This works at 600 MHz which is good for how small the product is, but is nothing compared to laptop speeds. It also has some other minor flaws to it, but they are not important to how the product works, just to the display.

Once, you have decide what type of video you want to create, then you need to determine how you will record it. If you will be demonstrating something on your computer screen then you will need a screen capture software similar to Camtasia. You can also use a free screen grab program and create a slide show of images with Windows Movie Maker or any other free video-editing program.

The video quality is great on it. It automatically fits videos from hampton bay lighting, and other online video sources to fit the full screen of it. The resolution of the screen is 800 X 480 The only complaint I have about the video is that it doesn’t play with all flash compatible videos, about one out of every ten I find doesn’t work, this is better than most other products like this such as the Ipod Touch, Cowon, and other PVP’s/PMP’s/IMT’s. You must buy the plugins to be able to watch all types of videos such as h.264, avi, mpeg4, etc. You should buy both plugins for $40 so you can get the most out of your IMT.

This is a small investment and well worth it. What book do you buy? Search Amazon for books on presentation skills or public speaking. Look for quality endorsements and reader comments. In particular look for specific details about the book or results enjoyed by the readers.

There are also a number of forums that offer you information about coupons and vouchers you would not be able to find otherwise. Mobile internet allows for apps that give you coupons you can use in stores. These small ways of saving can make a big difference to people and the internet is one way that more people can save.

On the other hand, the more expensive video cameras usually produce much better quality and sound and are recommend for a more professional finished product. The type of camera you choose will depend on the purpose of your video (fun or business) and what you may already have on hand. You will want your final footage to be as high quality as possible. This will limit the amount of editing you have to do.

I’d recommend this product to any one who wants a high end product that’s like an Ipod Touch with more memory, capabilities, and it has it’s own hard drive. I personally would say that I was glad to get this product instead of an Ipod Touch. I have nothing against Ipod’s, but whe nI was looking for a new product, I wanted something that was different.

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