Which Is Better For Music Promotion? – Soundcloud Vs Youtube

Referring camping, I like to go camping myself most in that I can stay away from the noisy of city and enjoy the single-hood. And my curiosity to the nature increased by the environment surrounding the camp. Campground is the other side of planet which seems a little rough than the civilization, but it creates miracle, leisure and lovely animal sounds different from human. Some one might think how bored the single camp trip will be. But I love it so much when I get in touch with the wild world and appreciate it. If go alone, one should take all the necessary equipment.

The best way to get noticed is to notice others. Music networking is all about sharing. If the social music-sharing platform lets you “favorite” users and mixes, use the Favorite button liberally. Check out what others are uploading. When you find something you like, Favorite it, connect with the DJ who uploaded it or post about it to your group. The more you interact with others, the more people will see your profile and your DJ mixes.

Examiner: You’ll also be spinning at CON*tourage’s Friday night party for the third year in a row. How did you get involved with those guys, and what are their parties like?

Favorite moment: 1:56. The start of the build up into the last refrain of the chorus. Backing guitar complements Sunsun’s gorgeous voice here. Also 3:04, the guitar solo. Rockin’ in a House tune. Couldn’t be better!

Starting off things and celebrating his own February birthday is Anthony Jimenez, techno artist, producer, and owner of Khombat Records. Anthony is poised to throw down an amazing set featuring his awesome techno styles. After missing him at the last small show, many are excited to see his next set. His epic mixes can be heard on soundcloud banner dimensions.

D: It’s a mixed bag, there are some really great places but it can also be a little dry at times. It seems like people don’t just go out to hear new music anymore, so at times it can be hard to bring in a new crowd, but we’ve been working hard and can’t complain, we’ve had a great time so far.

The bottom line is this: with blogs, citizen journalism and online magazines, there are a lot of people out there searching for new music. Make it as easy for them and your potential fans to find and enjoy your music.

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