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Judgment Enforcement is not easy, and there has always been a problem when Debtors move, or are in another area – how to Enforce a Judgment against them? As the laws are complex, most people use Judgment Enforcers.

1) “Getting Started In Enforcement of judgment”, by Kenneth Brennan, on Amazon for about $30.00, or Google “Getting Started In enforcement of judgment” (with the quotes). This book is brand new for May 2011, and is great for those new to the judgment business.

Very few courts require copies of receipts for what is claimed. However, I’ve met a few courts that wanted to see receipts for writs and abstracts issued recently by the same court, which seems silly.

Avoid Judgment collection California. Judging things and people is a claim to how things should be, not how they are. Someone who lives in the present knows that things can only be as they are, and what is good for you now, can be terrible later and vice versa. Here’s an example. What if you became rich and famous… that might seem great, but what if because you became rich, your family got kidnapped for randsom?

So, the alternative defense of waiver under California Civil Code section 3515 may be available to bar collection of spousal and child support arrears, but no longer laches.

2) Bring or mail your 2 paper copies to the court. Pay the court, and have the court stamp your Abstract Of Judgment printed forms. The court keeps a form, and give you the second copy. Copy that, or the court can make another copy for you at a nominal fee.

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