First Set: Your Guide To This Weekend’s Best Jazz In Northern California

The Kenai river passes through the Kenai Canyon for a distance of about 2 miles in fast flowing rapids. The Russian River joins and pours into the Kenai River some several miles east of Cooper Landing. The Kenai enters Skilak Lake some 17.3 miles from the Kenai Lake. The section between the Kenai and Skilak is normally referred to as the “Upper River.” Another section known as the “Mid River” is located 19.5 miles from Skilak Lake downstream all the way to the Sterling Highway Bridge near a place called Soldotna. The last section which is 21 miles from the Sterling Highway Bridge to Cook Inlet the mouth is referred to as the “Lower River” where the river flows much gentler. The last 12 miles of the river is characterized by constantly changing tides.

Learn the history from San Francisco Northward. Explore the rafting na Tari, Golden Gate, as well as Sonoma and Mendocino County. There are chapters on the Eel River, Humboldt Bay and the Mighty Pacific Redwood Forests. The details of the entire Oregon Coast are well documented as well as the Olympia Peninsula, Seattle Area, and British Columbia.

3 craft IPAs paired with 3 unique pork dishes by Chef Joe O’Donnell. Each dish has been prepared using the beer it accompanies: Korean pork belly tacos with Avery IPA, house-made arepas stuffed with chicharones and queso fresco with Racer 5 IPA, and slow-braised pork shoulder sliders with chipotle BBQ and apple slaw with Dogfish Head 90-Minute IPA.

The delicate aroma is easily recognizable. It has a bouquet compossed of smells such as apples, lemons or tropical fruits. A peach flavored Chardonnay will surely stay on the mind of your party guests.

At the most recent GABF, Bay Area brewers brought home 3 medals for beers featuring the tasty adjunct grain rye. In addition to the 3 decorated ales, the Bay Area is also home to a large community of rye brewers. Celebrate the use of this grain at the inaugural FESTRYEVAL! Sample flights as well as full pint purchases will be available. Beer will remain on tap while supplies last through SF Beer Week.

Merlot wine is a red wine that is good for blending with other red wines like the Cabernet Sauvignon. Merlot based wines have a medium body with aromas of berry, plum and currant.

Bistro Poplar: Open Thursday through Monday, Feb. 14. Offering several specials, including steamed mussels with a dijon saffron broth. 410.228.4884, 535 Poplar Street, Cambridge.

So there you go. These are the grapes that keep California sparkling wines on top of their game. When we add to this the excellent terroir and the passion of the wine makers we find ourselves in wine heaven.

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