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I have yearned for acoustic guitar lessons for so long it already slips into my subconscious mind. I can almost feel the curve of the guitar snugly fitted into my chest, the strings vibrating to a tentative strum, the pulsating tune slowly billowing out from the instrument. I have watched musicians lose themselves in the moment whenever they start to play and I wondered how it felt like to be one with the music you are creating.

So where are the strings? They start from the head tied tightly to the head and adjusted using the tuning keys. They run parallel to each other over the fingerboard and body where they are held in place by the bridge.

It didn’t take long before I found out for myself. Just when all this seemed like a far-fetched idea, everything came into place. I saw my classmates huddled up under a big acacia tree one school day and I got curious enough to approach them. And it was then that I saw him – my seatmate, holding close to his body the acoustic guitar I have secretly been pining for in a local kenget me te reja shqip 2019. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears – here was this very seatmate who annoyed me during my daydream moments about having acoustic guitar lessons, playing the instrument I so loved to learn how to play the most, and playing it well.

Choosing a new (or first) guitar depends on many things, such as where it’s going to be played (in the house, or in a club?), what kind of volume and sound quality you’ll need etc. Choosing your first guitar can be a difficult task.

Electric guitars are arguably easier to play than acoustics because their strings are softer and easier to press down. This suits the needs of a beginner because after a few days your fingers WILL hurt. For this reason, to minimise this, I recommend an electric guitar.

You can always borrow, but if you’re serious about playing, might as well have your very own strings to practice on instead of sneaking in your brother’s room and using his precious instrument. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive guitar – as long as it’s durable and playable; you can learn to play a guitar with it.

To date, my seatmate and I now play together almost every single day. Our thirst for music is quenched for every second that we hold our acoustic guitars, for every minute we spend playing them, for every hour that we’re together, collaborating and having a great time. I now have someone I could share my thoughts with, have someone to play with, have someone to dream with. For after all these years of friendship, I now have someone who I can say is my partner in life whom I can collaborate with on all aspects. A partner I never went out in search of but have found me by fulfilling a very simple dream. And I have those acoustic guitar lessons to truly thank for, not just for the skill with which I have right now, but by finding the soul mate I never thought existed, until now.

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