How To Quit Smoking For Good – A Simple Guide To Help You End That Smoking Habit

Starting a childproofing home checklist before the baby is old enough to crawl is a good way to prevent childhood accidents. Start by rearranging the closets so that only safe objects are on the floor, and remove all breakables from the furniture. Find a cabinet out of reach and get a lock for it. Store all hazardous materials in this cabinet. All other cabinets and closets can be locked with childproof latches that you can find at Wal-mart or hardware stores.

Cut your caffeine intake in half. Somehow, nicotine cuts the effectiveness of caffeine in half, so after quitting, soda and coffee will be doubly effective. Drop your consumption of these so that you don’t cause your anxiety to become even worse than it already is at this difficult time.

Spy cameras used to be expensive but there are probably a dozen or more that you can get several for less than $150.00 and some for fewer than one hundred dollars. There are several so-called “body worn” cameras that have a camera of course, a DVR and a mini microphone inside making them the ultimate spy device. Some examples of those are a stick hidden camera, watch, ball point pen, acheter e-cig lighter, sunglasses rear view mirror and a car key fob.

Try to avoid places where people frequently smoke to avoid temptation. Stay away from smoking areas at bars, smoking rooms at work and other places where there are smokers, if you think the temptation may be too much. Also, when meeting friends or family that smoke, try to do so in a smoke-free atmosphere, such as, non-smoking restaurants and parks.

If you really can’t go cold turkey then maybe it’s time to try nicotine alternatives. These are products such as patches or inhalers that deliver the addictive nicotine without the other harmful chemicals and smoke. The idea is to slowly lower the amount of nicotine you absorb, so that your body craves it less. This has been a fairly successful method in quitting.

Have a mentor. This mentor doesn’t have to know that they are mentoring, though if they do it’s even better. Do as they do, act as they act. Soon you will think as they think.

Practise these two visualizing techniques everyday for the next three weeks. When you do this you’ll find yourself more addicted to the great, new feelings and images of yourself looking and feeling great. You’ll have broken your old habit and given yourself more personal freedom.

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