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With the current economic meltdown, much of the media’s attention is focused on Wall Street. But what about Main Street? Yes, the stock market has plummeted, and yes, there is a lot of blame to go around. The federal government has bailed out huge corporations like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and AIG. They’ve arranged for some companies to buy out other companies. They’ve enacted legislation that will pour $700 million into the ailing U.S. economy. But it appears that each of these rescues or bailouts has largely served the interests of big business, and hasn’t addressed the real fallout: the credit crunch that is making it difficult for people to find money and obtain loans.

But how can making the wrong assumptions affect your business decisions? What impact would that have on the success of your business? Here are three assumptions that lie at the root of everything you do.

4) payroll jobs in the corporate world usually pay the maximum bucks. Corporate offices usually have an entire department dedicated to payroll outsourcing which takes care of the payrolls of all their employees. It has a huge scope in the near future.

Spending over $200 at the grocery store to save $30 is similar to deducting mortgage interest expense off your U.S. Federal Tax Return. You spend a dollar on your home to save 30 cents (or whatever tax bracket you’re in…28%, 30% 33%, 35%, 45%…) on the tax deduction.

Sign up to email notifications and payroll jobs. Many job boards will send automated emails to subscribers when new writer jobs are posted to their sites. Others also allow freelance writers to subscribe by feed. Being aware of these news jobs gives you an upper hand in finding jobs more quickly.

What both teams have in common is that both of their head coaches basically sit there and give occasional pep talks to their players and let them play the game after that. It really doesn’t require that much coaching when the Yankees have Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter while the Lakers have Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol. Phil Jackson always had the best player in the game in different teams during different generations (Michael Jordan in Chicago and Kobe in LA).

Looking at the economy from the standpoint of the citizens, we see congress embroiled in their usual pursuits while the welfare of the country seems to be neglected. Will the economy get worse, will our jobs be in danger? We don’t know.

Consider this…. the fastest way to get new patients is to host screening events in your marketplace. If you screen 10 people and sign up 2 new patients, you have a 20% close ratio. Improve your “scripting” your sales skills and close 4 new patients out of 10 screenings and you have double your new patient production in just one area of marketing. So instead of having to screen 35 people to get your extra 7 new patients, you only have to screen 20 people! Less work and another $15,000 to your bottom line!

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