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The Dark Knight is perhaps one of the best comic book movies of all time, and also the most financially successful one to. Heath Ledger’s performance as the joker is the main theme of this movie. Ledger disappeared into this role and made the 70 year old character his own.

Captain X is back again, this time with his article about getting an education through comic books. Captain X talks about there are many thoughts and ideas he learned growing up due to reading comic books and how comic books can go a long way in teaching kids about science and reading comprehension and even suggests that comic books should be read in school.

Chris Hemsworth shot to international stardom because of his performance as the Asgardian superhero in the 2011 movie “Thor.” That movie, produced by Kevin Fiege, is based on the Marvel cavewoman comics superhero of the same name. Hemsworth has since returned to the same role in the 2012 superhero film “The Avengers,” which was produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Motion Pictures. It grossed more than $1.5 billion and is currently the third highest-grossing film of all time. The movie is hugely popular around the world, and it has earned many awards and nominations. It is also the fastest movie to gross $1 billion. The success of these two films alone has brought Hemsworth massive fame and a lot of fans.

I hope you won’t take this article the wrong way. The article is not meant to be a sermon, but when I see a guy I (and millions for that matter) have watched for the last several years, die prematurely, it really hit home. Those guys make several hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, but what good is it if the lifestyle it takes to get that kills you? MLM success is what everyone is chasing, but be sure that your lifestyle doesn’t cause it to end early.

Jelly Nuts : I never speak to them about Half-Breed… I never even listened to Half-Breed, although I am a big fan of the old House of Krazees stuff… Ihaven’t heard anyone ever talk about Half-Breed really… As far as I know, Twiztid don’treally have a beef with anyone. I don’t know if anyone at Psychopathic has any warm feelings towards Half-Breed, but then agian, I don’t think anyone has any bad feelings either. Me, personally, I got mad love for all Detroit hip-hop, no matter who you are…(Well, except for Eminem, that kid is a BLANK, but he is from Kansas not Detroit, so he don’t count!). As long as Half-Breed doesn’t diss ICP or Twiztid, I hope he does good.

Jelly Nuts : Because Disney hates ICP, and will never give ICP anything. Straight up, if Disney thought they could get away with it, they would hire a team of BLANKasins to kill ICP, FOR REAL!!!… but Disney is scared to BLANK of doing anything that would ruin their reputation as a “family company”, so they would never do anything that fresh!

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